Why Diet's Don't Work -Eating for your genetic code w. Ayurveda Saturday January 20th 2pm-4pm

Each person has a unique bio-chemistry. The qualities of our unique elemental makeup also combine in the foods, herbs, and beverages we eat. Your constitution is your genetic code.

This workshop will inform you how to eat for your own bio-chemistry through discovering your elemental constitution, or dosha. Together we will assess your constitution and apply this wisdom to the qualities of foods to best suit your energy levels, health needs, and enhance your digestion. Learn how all the elements combine in your own body, foods, and the various tastes of foods.

Location: DesiredFace32107 Lindero Canyon Rd, Ste 125, Westlake Village, California 91361

Cost: $65 early bird, $80 at door

Heal Your Life 6 Week Introductory Course to Ayurveda

Experience the ultimate empowerment for your own health
with this 6-week introduction to Ayurveda.

"The path of healing through Ayurveda is a path of personal responsibility. Each person is empowered with the ability to make choices. Those choices will either bring health and peace of mind or suffering and disease. Most people make their choices about how to live based on a lack of knowledge. Taking cues from friends, family and the media, choices are made. If these choices have led you to optimal health and inner peace, then you have been blessed. But if not, Ayurveda outlines a clear road map for the journey and provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed." ~ Healing Your Life

Week 1 -The Cause of Disease and Suffering & Your Ayurvedic Constitution

       Week 2 -Constitution & The Mind and the Nature of Your Imbalances

Week 3 -Healing Your Life Through Diet

Week 4 -Healing Your Life Through 

Touch & The Healing Rhythms of Daily Life

Week 5 -Healing Your Life Through Aromatherapy and Vision

Week 6 -Healing Your Life Through Sound

Location: New Moon Wellness 30315 Canwood St #9, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Cost: $150 early bird, $200 at door

$50 for materials purchased here