Merissa is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor from the California College of Ayurveda, en route to her practitioner's license in 2018 and then eventually her doctor certificate in 2020. 

Her passion for health and longevity began with her early introduction to alternative medicine as a young child. She experienced several serious auto-immune disorders, whose treatment opened her awareness to many forms of alternative medicine, including accupuncture, TCM, naturopathic remedies, reiki, and gem therapy.

During a near death experience, she learned the root causes of illness being emotional in nature through her own health-related issues, and realized at age 8 that her path was to help teach people how to maintain their empowerment and health through living an illumined lifestyle. 

Blissful Balance Ayurveda was born out of a sincere need to beautify and empower all people with loving intent.

 Merissa enthusiastically shares her wisdom of Ayurvedic philosophy, energetic alignment, and diet/lifestyle practices to help people take their health into their own hands. She combines her Ayurvedic education with traditional Hawaiian Huna, Shipibo cosmology, Western/Vedic astrology, and shamanic practices from all over the world, enabling her clients to experience an expansion of consciousness and actively engage in heart-centered living.

Mission Statement

 Blissful Balance Ayurveda is a customized wholistic health service designed to help each and every individual become an active, empowered participant in their health and healing journey. Smart, simple changes lead to profound results. Learn, become more empowered, and be in solution.